Plant Protection


Plant Protection is the ability to anticipate the emergence and spread of noxious organisms and to prevent their introduction and spread before they become agricultural pests in specific crops and regions. The development and implementation of plant protection practices that provide farmers with ecologically sustainable and socially acceptable means of preventing and controlling pests, obtaining an economically profitable yield and, at the same time, assuring the resilience and long term viability of crop production and protection systems.


  • Providing scientific assistance in the attainment of self-sufficiency through control of pests and diseases to increase the production of crops.
  • Awareness regarding prevalent diseases and their prevention and control.
  • Imparting trainings to rural unemployed youth, farmers and extensional personals regarding Integrated Pest Management and Integrated Disease Management.
  • Facilitating unemployed rural youth and farm women in establishment of mushroom cultivation units and its integrated management.
  • Laying OFT’s to check efficacy of newly developed technology in selected areas.
  • Conduct of plant clinical camps, diagnostic visit in villages and distribution of literature among farmers for their awareness.
  • Creating awareness among farming community regarding occurrence, prevention and control of pests and diseases through print and electronic media.